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Success Stories
Taylor, Age 10
As a mother, I was beaming with pride when my daughter was accepted to one of the most highly rated private schools in the country.  My daughter received top grades in all subjects except for math.  Soon, I was called into the principal's office with Taylor's teacher for a conference.  I was shocked and horrified to find out that Taylor had been put on academic probation because of her math grades.  She was at the bottom of her class and in jeopardy of being kicked out of school.  I didn't know what to do.  Then, a neighbor told me to call Teach Me Tutor.  The next day, the tutor showed up at my door and tested
Taylor.  Teach Me Tutor was able to "pinpoint" her weaknesses and work directly on those skills.  Taylor was tutored four hours per week for three months and she caught up with the rest of her class and regained her confidence.  The skills Taylor has learned from Teach Me Tutor has allowed her to maintain and excel at her academic goals.

Steven, Age 16
My son has always struggled in school but excelled in sports.  Even though he was only a sophomore, he made the varsity team as a quarterback.  A few weeks into the school year, Steven's coach told him he needed a 70% average in his classes to stay on the team.  So I called Teach Me Tutor and with the help of a tutor, Steven was able to commit to his school work and bring his grades up to stay on the team. 

Dean, Age 34
As an adult I never thought I would have to take another math exam.  However, in order to get my promotion, I had to pass a written exam.  My wife encouraged me to seek tutoring in math.  Thanks to Teach Me Tutor, I passed.

Tanya, Age 13
Tragedy struck my family when we found out my 12 year old daughter had cancer.  Tanya's surgeries caused her to miss weeks of school.  Luckily, we had her tutored to catch up with her lessons.  It worked! 

Jack, Age 5
After one month of tutoring, Jack began reading.  He read a book to my husband when he came home from work and Jack didn't miss any of the words.  My husband was so proud!  He had tears in his eyes.

Christie, Age 14
This is the first year Christie has passed the math portion of the FCAT.  I would recommend Teach Me Tutor to any struggling student.

Maxwell, Age 13
After Maxwell was tutored for almost two years, he made the Presidential Honor Roll.  Maxwell got straight A's on his report card in every subject, every term.  He received a letter from President Bush, honoring him.  Now, he is thinking about attending medical school.

Roberto, Age 11
Recently, my son, Roberto, was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, and depression.  He has always struggled in and out of school.  Roberto had difficulties staying focused and frustrated easily.  He has been in special classes since first grade.  Homework would take 3-4 hours per night, but averages 30 minutes for other students.  His confidence and self-esteem were extremely low and he only had a couple of friends.  Three years ago, I was referred to Teach Me Tutor.  Roberto resisted tutoring in every way possible.  He cried, he shut down, he negotiated.  For two years, it was a long, hard struggle.  Then, the last week of school seemed to have changed his life.  Before class started, the teacher asked me to stay.  Everyone was seated and she displayed one award.  It was a 10 inch gold trophy with a star on top.  The plate read "Most Improved Student".  The teacher handed it to Roberto.  His face lit up with a huge smile.  He insisted on having his picture taken with it.  It was the first trophy Roberto had ever received.  Today, the trophy is his most prized possession.  Roberto's confidence and self-esteem have soared.  He waits at the front door now to ask the tutor, "What are we going to read today?"  Teach Me Tutor was the "miracle" that Roberto needed.