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Common Questions Parents Have
How is Teach Me Tutor different from learning centers and other tutoring services?
Teach Me Tutor is a unique combination of both learning centers and other tutoring services.  Unlike learning centers, Teach Me Tutor provides one-on-one tutoring in the comforts of your own home.    Unlike other tutoring services, Teach Me Tutor does more than homework help or study for tests and quizzes.  We provide resources and individualized programs unique to your needs.

Do I really need a tutor?
Virtually every student can benefit from the personal attention that Teach Me Tutor can provide. Your child's GPA is accumulative across the years, so no matter what class your child is in, his grades will affect his chances of getting into college. Hiring a tutor is investing in your child's future.  Teach Me tutor has helped many students improve their grades across the years. Whether your child is currently struggling with a particular subject, frustrated with the amount of effort required to keep up with homework, or wants to get ahead and excel, Teach Me Tutor can work with him/her to achieve those goals.

How far do I need to travel to have my child tutored?
It is not necessary for the student or parent to travel because we come to you.

Does the tutoring have to take place in my home?
Generally, the tutoring sessions are in the student's home.  However, we may take special requests for sessions to be held at other convenient locations.  Environments that are most conducive to learning are at schools, after school facilities, libraries, or community centers.

Does Teach Me Tutor supply learning materials for the tutoring sessions?
Yes, Teach Me Tutor designs individualized programs for each student.  The student focuses on the subject(s) prescribed in order to achieve his/her academic goals.  Students may use their school textbooks, notes, and workbooks in addition to any resources provided by Teach Me Tutor.

Does a parent have to be in the home when the student is being tutored?
Yes, we require that a parent, guardian, or adult of age 18 or older be at the home during the entire tutoring session.

Is there a minimum number of tutoring sessions for my child?
Yes, at least one hour per week is required.  However, students with 3 or more hours per week generally show progress and results much quicker.

How long are the tutoring sessions?
Tutoring sessions vary per student.  Usually, three hours is the maximum and one hour is the minimum amount of time for each session.

Does Teach Me Tutor offer tutoring sessions when school is out of session; such as winter break, spring break, and summer?
Yes, Teach Me Tutor allows flexible schedules when school is out of session. We can easily accommodate vaca
tion schedules, summer activities, and camp schedules.  Research has shown that continued education through summer months can greatly improve a student's academic performance.